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Pig Signallers



The Hi-T Pigalert™


The Hi-T Pigalert™ is made in three pressure classifications – up to ANSI Class 600, and for ANSI Class 900 and 1500. Standard models are designed for use at temperatures from -20ºC to +200ºC. All models are bi-directional and available with either mechanically operated signal flags, electrical auto resetting switches or mechanical and electrical signals.

The Hi-T Pigalert™ is an economically priced unit providing adjustable onsite penetration and giving the operator simple visual indication with a single action reset. The proven pivotless tumbler mechanism and laminated trigger blade provide the necessary depth of penetration into the pipeline to give a reliable and visible signal with negligible effect on the flow. 

Standard models are supplied ready for mounting on a base to be welded to the line pipe or vessel. Flange mounted models up to ANSI Class 1500 are also available. Special adaptors and smaller diameter triggers are available for other makes of retro-fit applications. 


The Hi-T Magalert




The Hi-T Magalert is a robust non-intrusive magnetic pig signaller used to detect, signal and log the passage of magnetic pigs at critical points along a pipeline.

The Hi-T Magalert can be used for both offshore and onshore installations. The Hi-T Magalert is ATEX compliant and housed within a fully certified aluminum or 316 stainless steel explosion proof housing suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2 group IIA, IIB and H2 Areas.

The Hi-T Magalert can log up to 100 events with time and date. Logged events can be viewed on a 70mm (2.7”) high visibility display incorporated into the unit.

Pig passages can also be signaled as they occur with ultra-bright LEDs which are incorporated into the unit and are visible from up to 100m. Prior to clearing the history of events it is possible to connect the Hi-T Magalert signaller to a PC and download all stored data.

The Hi-T Magalert is very quickly and easily attached to a pipeline using ratchet straps or stainless steel bands.

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