Pneumatic Material Handling

Pneumatic conveyors are the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for removing dry ash. For pneumatic ash handling in power usually applied high pressure systems of 1-10 bar due to relatively large weight and density, and the abrasive properties of ash. In high pressure systems, there are four main ways to transport materials: dense phase, pulse dense phase, diluted medium and lean phases. Using any of these methods or a combination of them can solve almost any problem related to the transport of ash and other bulky materials. In addition in the heat of our systems effectively address all issues related to environmental protection during transportation of fly and bottom ash.

For the transportation of dry ash in most cases as the most competitive, efficient and secure solutions are two ways of transportation - diluted and pulse dense phases, as well as, if necessary combination of those.



  General Features:

  • Pressure range: 1 - 10 bar, typically 2 bar
  • Material to air ratio: 10 - 200 
  • Maximum particle size: 60 mm   
  • Conveying distance: 10 - 1000 m, usually up to 500 m       
  • Pressure vessels of the European standard PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)